No Secrets: A Thriller

A while back I wrote a thriller that became a #1 bestseller on the Amazon Kindle, and remained on the bestselling list for six months. Yet even after it was published I kept thinking about ways to improve it. Evenutally I rewrote it and published it again. But that still wasn’t good enough, so I’ve just rewritten and republished it one last time.

Think of it as version 3.0 of what one reader called “a thrill ride on steroids.” The first incarnation was entitled QUANTUM ETHICS. The second was SONG OF THUNDER. For this final revision I have returned to the original working title—NO SECRETS—for reasons that, these days, should be obvious.

The story is straightforward (at least until it’s not). We know that the NSA is moving mountains to build the world’s first quantum computer, a device so powerful it will give them the means to break into every computer on the planet, and access every secret.

But what if a brilliant young scientist beats them to it?

What if a rogue agent tries to steal her device?

What if terrorists get there first?

Please understand that this is not a sequel, nor is it a third volume in a series. NO SECRETS is a revision of a previous version, much in the way that software gets revised, or the “Producer’s Cut” of a movie creates a more finished product. You’ll find some new or revised scenes, a thousand tiny tweaks, and several bug fixes, all designed to make for a faster and more enjoyable read. Despite all that, if you’ve already read either (or both) of the previous titles, then one can hardly expect you to read NO SECRETS. Unless, like I do, you believe that even a good story can get better.

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