The NSA is moving mountains to build the world’s first quantum computer, a device so powerful it will give them the means to break into every computer on the planet, and to own every secret.

But what if a brilliant young scientist beats them to it? 

What if the NSA tries to steal her device? 

What if terrorists get there first? 

NO SECRETS, A Thriller


If you like action, adventure, compelling characters, and a climax that is guaranteed to take your breath away—over and over—then find out why this story became the #1 best-selling technothriller on the Kindle, and spent six months on Kindle’s bestseller list.

NO SECRETS has been described as “A thrill ride on steroids!” It propels readers from the opening pages to a spectacular finish with a cast of compelling characters forced to cope with a technology for which the world is wholly unprepared. The story will satisfy even the most hard-core action junkies, but those who want more than just a terrific page-turner will find that, too.

—  “A masterpiece! What a story! What wonderful characters! I couldn’t put it down. It’s just a great read!”
—  “What a thrill ride! This book fairly begs for a series.”
—  “Wow! I can’t wait for the movie! A MUST READ”
—  “It would put Indiana Jones to shame.”
—  “Five, no wait, SIX STARS! This white-knuckle thriller is simply marvelous, and utterly spellbinding. It makes your palms sweat, your heart race, and shifts your mind into overdrive, delights that will soon be no secret to anyone. You’ll devour this more than once!”